Toy Speed Q


Size: 1282mm x 704mm x 2072mm

Weight: 280KG

Power: 200W  

Voltage: 110-220VAC

Packed size: 1320mmx740mmx1735mm

How to Play

1.   After player inserts the coin and presses Start, the system will automatically select the character and race car. When the race starts, the car will go at a preset speed, player only needs to steer the wheel to control left and right direction.

2.   Two modes: Hero mode and Team mode. In Hero mode, player leads the AI to defeat the boss. While in Team mode, player and friends will work together to defeat the boss.

Game Feature

1. Brand new game, cute design, 4 colors, absolutely charming

2. Simple game play, easy to master

3. Innovative Boss mode, enjoy the thrill of fighting monsters on the course

4. Refreshing, lovely, high-quality and gorgeous 3D display

5. Supports Network Play.