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Fireman--Firefighting Carnival

Simulate real fire scene 
Multiplayer Competition

Carnival host hosts and starts the game. The game cabinet appearance simulates the fire fighting truck. 
Players sit on the hydrant seat, steers the metal water gun  and aims at the fire in the window. 
At the same time the lift is rising
Players score, and the lift gets higher and faster when the player accumulates more and more scores. 
You can save your beautiful princess when you get to the top!

Game Features
size: W 3840MMx D 2000MMx H 2600MM (exclude prize box)
        W 5140MMx D 2000MMx H 2600MM (include prize box)

Seat dimensions: Diameter 285MMx H 450MM
How to play
1.Materialized appearance, strongly contagious
It looks like three fire fighting trucks join and extinguish the fire. 
Even the ladders are able to lift to rescue people trapped in the fire.

2.Lighting effects, match with the game atmosphere 
The surrounding lights help the host to heighten the atmosphere. When the game begins,  pleasure atmosphere will be caused, following with sound, light, electricity, sense of touch caused, just making the game integrative.
3. Doll displayed on site, intensed atmosphere 
The game supports single-player and multiplayer linked competition. 
When it is up to a certain accumulated points, players can open the prize box and get their own prizes.
4.Construction of virtual scene, simple to master 
Fire fighting truck appearance is full of sense of substitution. Players hold fire sprinklers, and countless flames erupt from the window. The heroic you, tightly hold the gun aiming at the raging fire, quickly put out fire and earn points to provide sufficient time to rescue the victims. 
The first one who rises to the top will become the winner of this round. How competitive and contagious the field atmosphere is!