Jolly Elephant

Machine Specifications

Machine size: 1890mm × 1000mm × 2550mm
Machine Voltage: AC220
Machine power: 160W

Game Feature
Unique rod pinball operation, easy to start and play
Rich rewards, prizes and super JP awards , playable and funny
A hundred percent of chance to get the jackpot, each round of the game will have a surprise
Can be adjusted to a lottery number for venue operators
Cute elephant design, with bright light, easy to attract players

1.Insert coins
2.After the machine makes the "ready" voice prompts, pull the handle and launch the ball, according to the pulling force, adjust the height of the ball pop
3.Get the lottery corresponding to the hole the ball in, and light up the hole lamp
4.After all hole lamps are lighted up, you can get prizes
5.When the ball goes into the JP hole, it will light up one super prize lamp,when 5 JP  lamp are lighted, you will get a super prize!