Fishing Master 3P

Machine specification
Machine size: 1040.7mm * 1342.9mm * 1910.6mm (length width height)
Machine weight: 150kg
Operating voltage: 220VAC.50HZ, peak power 380W, standby power 190W

Product features
An edutainment game, suitable for kids, wholly self- developed by Sealy
Game is simple, easy to master
Fresh and beautiful game scene, great varieties of fishes
Simulative fishing experience, user-friendly design, infinite fun!
How to play
Insert tokens as the game requires.
After inserting tokens, press the red button to choose fishing rods, rotate the wheel to control the movement of the fishing rod. Press the blue button to launch the rod. When fish is hooked, rotate the wheel to draw back the fish.
The game includes common fishes and special fishes. The special fishes have special functions. Two mini games, study card and long-term mission are included.
The system will reward players automatically once their scores meet the rewarding conditions.

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