Rhythm Driver


Size: 1797mm(L)*802mm(W)*1745mm(H)

Power: 130W

Weight: 110KG

Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz

Game Feature

1 Car racing game combines with music

2 Learn fruits and English while playing

3 Operate with the steering wheel, easy to master

4 Video game with real car model

5 Cute appearance and gorgeous lighting effect

Drive the cat following the music step, player learn English words while playing!

How to play

1 Insert coins as request, steer the steering wheel to choose mode, standard mode or challenge mode, different modes requires different value of payment

2 Steer the steering wheel to choose songs, press OK button to confirm

3 Steer the steering wheel right or left to catch fruits to score

4 Prize rewarded according to your scores when game is finished


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