Hope - cohesive forces held ceremoniously released 2014 annual summary commendation congress

2015-07-10 14:51:13

On the afternoon of February 8, 2015, the company 2014 annual summary commendation congress hall in the center of the lingnan vocational and technical college of science and technology is held ceremoniously. Chairman of the board of directors of the company he Lin, senior management personnel, and company headquarters and the subsidiary employees a total of more than 400 people attended the conference. 
Company general manager Mr Zheng Bing 2014 work in the company for the retrospect and prospect of comprehensive, executive director of the company Mr Yang, deputy general manager Mr Huang Jian Hong Kong science and technology, respectively on force, force of science and technology Hong Kong made a special report on the development of science and technology, the company vice chairman Mr WangGu Village read out "about recognition of 2014 excellent staff, advanced individual, and the decision of the excellent product". Recognized the 2014 selected 37 outstanding employees, 38 advanced individual and four outstanding management personnel, and awarded the excellent products and other awards. 
Chairman Lin he finally summarized speech, he pointed out that the past 2014 years, the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, industry adjust the deepening, company management to lead all staff together, deepen the reforms, forge ahead. In order to promote medical animation and 5 d animation project as an opportunity to enrich the structure of the product; To optimize the organizational structure and integrated marketing resources, and communities in continuously reduce the cost of the products. This wins initial success in a series of measures, the company has made steady development, the network game mobile phone game bright course, commercial game. Development of visible, achievement hard-won, we need to cherish. Looking ahead to 2015, hope and difficulty coexist, as long as we seize the moment, for the market development direction, promote management improvement, unswervingly practice "bush said, practice" spirit of enterprise, we can achieve it. 


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